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April 18, 2007


Mary Anne Fox

How about a working families slate that advocates for the City Council to keep their committment to constituents of all socio-economic strata? What good is it to declare the city a haven for illegal immigrants when the welfare office moves to Revere without so much as a question (e.g. how are poor people going to get to Revere) and the intake lady reels off one liners such as "if you don't work, you're f___ed!).

DSS, with whom I've been involved for the past 15 months, since I had an accident involving two broken feet, a herniated disk in my back and a hip injury on the same side, doesn't even bother calling the Mayor's office back after three or four calls and an authorization by me to discuss my case. They have, however, accused me of having a psychological condition where I am intentionally injuring myself.

Cambridge Housing won't even honor their own with a union contract. This is the same Housing management staff who have showered me with such gems as "we can take your section 8 away anytime we want. You can fight us but you'll be homeless in the meantime", and (from the head of CHA) "I'm not a patient man to begin with and you've used up all I have" (this in response to a CHA mandate to move immediately - though injured and not working - as my landlord was pestering him so a relative could move in. I was told to move by the end of the month, money or no money, place to live or none, or my section 8 would be pulled).

Not to even mention the raw deal special education recipients and their families get at the hands of an autocratic school committee.

Sooo... Cambridge: A Progressive city or "The 'Rich' People's Republic"?


The liberals give away only so they can take away if their lambs don't behave--so, what is new? Don't look for this paper to challenge the status quo. When Galluccio sneezes, McCabe gets a cold. Understand?

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